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Family Financial Fitness

Many families are looking for ways to improve their financial outlook. Financial fitness results from following the principles behind making money, implementing a spending plan and establishing a personal money philosophy to guide all decision making. With these in place, your audience will learn to thrive, save, pay off debt, increase credit scores and increase the chances of reaching their financial goals.

Build Assets Now

Purchasing a home and investment property, having necessary insurance policies, investing in stocks, bonds, and retirement plans. People know what to do, but not exactly how.

Beginning with personal savings to enable individual households to withstand unforeseen expenses and income disruptions, this keynote outlines a simple asset building strategy that can be easily implemented.

Elevate Your Money Mindset

Our money mindset is the unconscious driver of money-related behaviors. It controls the financial decisions we make every day, even when we are not aware of it.

A money mindset keynote can have a great impact on your audience, compelling them to consider the basis of financial decision-making especially, while in pursuit of lasting financial security in the future.

Respect Your Credit

Access to credit is a critical component of asset building, in that large financial assets are often accumulated by borrowing, which can magnify returns. In addition, households with access to reasonably priced credit can borrow money to fund purchases or meet emergency needs without tapping savings. Except in the case of a windfall, such as an inheritance, it is very difficult to build wealth without access to credit.

Solving for Scarcity

Scarcity, whether of time or money, tends to focus the mind on immediate challenges. People end up making short-term decisions for immediate relief, and don’t have the resources to build long-term financial security. This essential keynote is sure to open minds to this reality and what solutions can be accessed.

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