I Can Help You
Get Your Finances Figured Out

You've got financial goals and I've got financial experience.

I Can Help You
Get Your
Figured Out!

 You've got financial goals,
and I've got financial


I'm Devin Stubblefield

For people who are ready to get things done financially, I'm here to serve and to help increase your confidence in creating a financial future you love. With inflation and rising interest rates, what's important is to establish a solid, "right now" financial approach.

This is about your income-generating ability, tracking spending habits, building credit, getting out of debt, and most importantly, cultivating your money mindset.

Over 30+ years of professional and impactful lived-experiences are what you get from me. 

Over 18,000+ people have participated in financial literacy and financial empowerment events that I have led all around the country where I've trained on behalf of organizations.

I am committed to helping you strengthen your financial well-being.  I invite you to join me in one of my live classes listed above so you can experience what I'm talking about.


What people are saying:

"Devin is such a down to earth guy, and does a great job of supporting everyone. I felt completely comfortable talking about my debt and finances with the group. "

- Eric Z.

"The Debt Freedom Program and Devin were a real eye-opener to my personal financial goals. If anyone is looking for a sure fire way to get a handle on debt and a path to becoming debt free, this is a program you have to participate in. Devin knows his stuff, and will get you to a place of peace."

- Ron B.

"Devin's transparency, along with his passion to help and see you win, you will begin to create a plan to eliminate debt. Devin will be right there with you along the way. I guarantee you will learn something new as you journey toward your debt freedom. I highly recommend Devin and this course."

- Sista Shawn S.

Organizational Clients Include:

It's Time to Design Your 2023 Financial Plan!

Advance Your Prosperity

This is more than just a journal. Devin has included many financial tips and wisdom based on his extensive work as a financial empowerment coach and trainer.  Based on the today's important financial topics, you'll get the guidance you need right at your fingertips. This financial journal helps you track your progress toward your most important financial goals.