The Coach

You want results, not just a plan.  To get those results you will need a partner that will keep you focused and hold you accountable to doing the right financial stuff. How would it feel if you had a financial coach who did that?

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What You Get from Financial Coaching


In-depth discussions about what's known and unknown about the areas of your financial focus. Based on the answers you seek, coaching will help raise your awareness to inform your future financial decisions.


While raising your awareness on what to do, coaching will help you to discover how to do it.  Targeting your desired results and financial goals, you will eliminate barriers and excuses, so that you can take massive forward action.


With the focus squarely on you, the coaching relationship will provide you with tools to help you get things done within reasonable timeframes, using accountability structures that works best for you.

Focusing on Your Financial Wellness

It's all about addressing the specific things going on in your life that are important to you...

Here are some areas where financial wellness can be impacted:

Your Money Mindset

How do you feel about the financial decisions you have made in the last year? What went well? What could you have done differently? Until you acknowledge what is driving your financial decisions and are willing to change what is not working, you will continue to get the same results or your situation could grow worse. This does not have to be your reality. Having a coaching session centered around your money mindset can be the trigger that allows your financial brilliance to come forth so that you can achieve your financial goals without the mental strain. 

Credit Building and Debt Reduction

If your credit scores are under 720 you will not be offered the best interest rates and terms on the credit cards or loans you may need. Lower credit scores can also impact your ability to get hired in higher paying professions. To say that this is something that you should handle as soon as possible is the equivalent of saying that when it rains you need an umbrella. It's very obvious to most people, but getting started seems overwhelming.   When you get credit building and debt reduction coaching, it will help make this seem less like a daunting problem and more like an exciting project that you want to get completed. 

Personal Money Management

It has been said, "How you do anything is how you do everything." Take a look at how and what you have done in terms of your money management. If you have not gotten the results that you want, what got in the way? There are different ways to manage your money that works better than others. Whether it is establishing a good system for income and expenses or saving consistently, Personal Money Management coaching will help you to discover how to make it better and less stressful.

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